Friday, January 27, 2012

Regions of Turkey

The provinces of Turkey are organized into 7 census-defined regions, which were originally defined at the First Geography Congress in 1941.

Aegean Region

    Afyonkarahisar Province
    Aydın Province
    Denizli Province
    İzmir Province
    Kütahya Province
    Manisa Province
    Muğla Province
    Uşak Province

Black Sea Region

    Amasya Province
    Artvin Province
    Bayburt Province
    Çorum Province
    Giresun Province
    Gümüşhane Province
    Ordu Province
    Rize Province
    Samsun Province
    Sinop Province
    Sivas part
    Tokat Province
    Trabzon Province
    Bartın Province
    Bolu Province
    Düzce Province
    Karabük Province
    Kastamonu Province
    Zonguldak Province

Central Anatolia Region

    Aksaray Province
    Ankara Province
    Çankırı Province
    Eskişehir Province
    Karaman Province
    Kayseri Province
    Kırıkkale Province
    Kırşehir Province
    Konya Province
    Nevşehir Province
    Niğde Province
    Sivas Province
    Yozgat Province

East Anatolia Region

    Ağrı Province
    Ardahan Province
    Bingöl Province
    Bitlis Province
    Elazığ Province
    Erzincan Province
    Erzurum Province
    Hakkâri Province
    Iğdır Province
    Kars Province
    Malatya Province
    Muş Province
    Tunceli Province
    Van Province

Marmara Region

    Balıkesir Province
    Bilecik Province
    Bursa Province
    Çanakkale Province
    Edirne Province
    İstanbul Province
    Kırklareli Province
    Kocaeli Province
    Sakarya Province
    Tekirdağ Province
    Yalova Province

Mediterranean Region

    Adana Province
    Antalya Province
    Burdur Province
    Hatay Province
    Isparta Province
    Kahramanmaraş Province
    Mersin Province
    Osmaniye Province

Southeastern Anatolia Region

    Adıyaman Province
    Batman Province
    Diyarbakır Province
    Gaziantep Province
    Kilis Province
    Mardin Province
    Şanlıurfa Province
    Siirt Province
    Şırnak Province


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